Plot Summary


After a doctor’s appointment leaves him with some unsettling news, Allan is faced with the choice of reconnecting with those he loves or living out the rest of his days alone.

Director: Kyle Marra
Country: United States
Release Date: 03/08/2020
Genre: Drama, Arthouse

Best Actor Nominee

Ron Dykes was recently nominated for Best Actor for the Short Film Category in the summer edition of the Alternative International Film Festival.

The Cinematography of "AL"

The Cinematography of "AL" by Lief Thomason, "AL" Cinematographer Watching someone go through diseases like Dementia and Alzheimer’s is painful. You feel the slow loss of the individual as the disease attacks their memories and state-of-mind. But what is this experience like for the afflicted? This was the goal of “AL”, an experimental Art House Drama that moves through broken pieces of time and memory as the protagonist, Al, processes his diagnosis. On it’s face the plot of “AL” is simple, as the story focuses-in…

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Becoming Allan Masterson

Becoming Allan Masterson by Ron Dykes Handed the challenge of developing the character Al, my first consideration was to establish his history, with significant events and emotional parameters. In essence, creating a life, Al's life. All the factors that shaped his very being. I needed to determine Al's character traits and behavior patterns, especially given his current medical situation and beyond. Al is a man who has always been in control of the direction his life took, and quite unwilling to relinquish that control. But…

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Ron Dykes as Allan Masterson

Root and Branch Films would like to welcome Ron Dykes to the cast of "AL". He plays the film's lead, Allan Masterson. Ron is an actor with decades of stage experience. Since transplanting himself to Florida, the Pennsylvania native has had roles in local productions such as: Jules Verne (Around the World in 80 Days), Matthew (Anne of Avonlea), Ben Weatherstaff (The Secret Garden), Uncle Billy (It's a Wonderful Life), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), and Mayor Shinn (Music Man). Ron is the type of actor…

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Eric Kessel as Eric Masterson

Eric Kessel plays Eric Masterson in "AL". Eric Masterson is the concerned son of Allan. He has noticed that his father has been distancing himself, but is determined to stay relevant in the man's life, despite the pain and weariness the pursuit has caused him. Eric is a husband, father (whose two kids have a special cameo in "AL"), and entrepreneur whose background in tech support and IT has allowed him to form his own IT company, Kesseltech. When he is not busy running his…

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Daniel Torres as Dr. Reyes

Daniel Torres plays Dr. Reyes, Allan Masterson's doctor in "AL". Dr. Reyes has observed Allan for several years, carefully noting any changes in behavior. It is these observations that have led him to a conclusion that will radically change Allan's life. Daniel is a native Floridian and has been involved in film and theatrical performances for many years. His first film role was that of an extra in "Through a Different Eye". His most recent film, "Home of the Brave", is now streaming on Amazon…

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Katie Moore as Nurse

Katie Moore plays the role of the Nurse in "AL". Katie's acting experience began on the stage in second grade. It is a skill she has continued to hone through her 30+ productions since. Some of her major stage roles include Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and Ursula in Live Oak Theatre's production of The Little Mermaid. Having fallen in love with the art of acting, she has expanded her horizons by crossing over into the film industry. Her first major opportunity came when she…

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