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The Script

A Story Worth Telling
Coming up with the right story can be a challenge.  One that usually requires a coffee shop, brainstorming, writing, and re-writing.  Who is our main character?  What motivates them?  What lesson do we want them to learn?  What trials should they face?  All of these questions get workshopped by our team of writers until we end up with a story that we believe is worth telling.


The Embodiment of a Character
Once a script is deemed production worthy, the casting process begins.  Finding the living embodiment of a character that has existed solely on paper can be a daunting task.  There are so many talented people in this world, all with unique skill sets and approaches to bringing a character to life.  It can be difficult to narrow down the search.  At the end of the day, when the casting process is complete, our team gets the opportunity to work with so many amazing people doing what we love most!


Where Imaginary Meets Reality
Filming is a beautifully chaotic process filled with long days, little sleep, high stress, and loads of fun.   It’s where directors, camera men, boom operators, set dressers, actors, writers, producers, and countless other people who are the master’s of their field come together to take the script and turn it into something that will resonate with audiences around the world.


Piecing Together the Puzzle
After the director yells “That’s a Wrap!”, the baton is then passed to teams of editors who will spend hours in front of a computer fueling themselves with coffee and energy drinks as they pick through countless shots and audio files, experiment with various cuts, and make the film look pretty.  During this process, the composer is also brought in to marry his or her score with the edited film.


The Labor of Love
The film making process is a labor of love.  One filled with late nights spent problem solving, long days on set, and hours spent in the editing room.  The film premier is the culmination of that labor where all involved get the opportunity to enjoy the film that they poured so much of themselves into, and share it with audiences for the first time.