There will be a follow-up to this to fill several featured extra roles.
Please respond to the contact email above with a headshot, resume, and demo reel (if you have one).  If called back, you will receive sides for a video audition.

Character Breakdown:
Detective Monroe (Female, late 30’s- 40’s, African American/mixed race): Honest, hard­headed, has a strong desire to succeed in her job and save people like her father did. However, Her complacency causes her to occasionally miss important details along the way which causes friction with her superiors. 

Ansel Stills (Male, mid 50’s­-late 60’s, Asian/Native American): A socially awkward photographer who has gone overlooked by everyone else in the world. He makes no waves.  If someone were to notice him, they would say there is nothing special about him.  Because he has been overlooked, he is attentive to details that others miss and does not want to overlook anything or anyone.  That is why he took up candid photography in the first place…to capture special moments. 

Katharine Temple (Female, 9­-11, Latin American­-Caucasian): Young girl and older sister. She doesn’t have many friends and struggles to connect. Her mom and dad have their hands full with her younger sibling which makes special occasions feel incredibly lonely. She feels overlooked by everyone in her life. Needed for one day and a photoshoot. 

Isabel Temple (Female, late 20’s, Latin  American): A proficient lawyer, wife, and mother of two. Her job often invades time with her family causing her to be mentally absent in key moments of her family’s lives.  Needed for two to three days.

James Temple (Male, late 20’s­early 30’s, Caucasian): A young father and husband. With his wife often busy working even when she is home, he often finds himself playing Mr. Mom.  Needed for two to three days. 

Sergeant Hall (Male, 40’s-50’s, any ethnicity): Monroe’s superior. He is doing everything in his power to ensure that his department is above reproach so that the media has nothing negative to say. He expects excellence and will back any officer who is doing things by the book. He is savvy and has his subordinate’s best interests at heart. However, he is under a lot of pressure and doesn’t settle for apathy. Needed for one day.

Officer Farley (Male, late 20’s­early 30’s, any ethnicity): A young, eager patrol officer. He is diligent and by the book. Attentive and determined.  Respects the chain of command. He has aspirations of being a detective. Needed one to two days.