Plot Summary


A seasoned Detective wrestles with disillusionment towards her job as she attempts to locate a missing girl.  Stakes are high.  The department’s reputation is on the line.  Can she find the girl in time?

Director: Kyle Marra
Country: United States
Genre: Mystery, Crime

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Patrece Bloomfield is Detective Monroe

Detective Monroe is honest, hard­headed. She started her career on the force with a strong desire to succeed in her job and save people like her father did. However, she has grown jaded and complacent in her long tenure on…

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Paul Saulo is Ansel Stills

Ansel Stills is a socially awkward photographer who has been overlooked by everyone else in the world. No one has viewedhim as someone with any value which has caused him to look for the value in others. Especially outcasts like…

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Isabella Rossiter is Katharine Temple

Katharine Temple is the first-born daughter of James and Isabel Temple. She often finds herself overshadowed by the needs of her little brother and her mother's career pursuits. Even on her birthday, she struggles to find connections with those around…

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Rachel Espendez is Officer Farley

Officer Farley is a young, eager patrol officer. She is diligent and by the book. Attentive and determined. She respects the chain of command. She looks to Detective Monroe as a mentor as she strives to become a detective.

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Shaila Velazquez is Isabel Temple

Isabel Temple is a proficient lawyer, wife, and mother of two. Her job often invades time with her family which causes her to be mentally absent in key moments of her family's lives. Her daughter Katharine is the one who…

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Andrew Kerr is James Temple

James Temple is a young father and husband. With his wife often busy working even when she is home, he often finds him safe playing Mr. Mom. He struggles with the responsibilities of maintainingthe home and taking care of the…

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Tony Palles is Sergeant Hall

Sergeant Hall is Detective Monroe's superior. He is does everything in his power to ensure thathis department is above reproach so that the media has nothing negative to say. He expects excellence and will back any officer who is doing…

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Matteo G. Antonio is Bank Robber

After getting ditched by his partner after a botched job, the Bank Robber was taken into custody. He is interested in rolling over on his partner to lessen his sentence, however, he is not above making trouble in the precinct…

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