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My backstory:

From a young age, stories intrigued me.  It didn’t matter if it was a film, TV show, book, play, or short story. I found myself enthralled with how characters were developed, plotlines were paced, and stories were crafted.  As I entered high school, two English teachers cultivated that love of storytelling.  They both taught me valuable skills that allowed me to pursue the art of writing.  Here I am several years later, with multiple award-winning short films under my belt, plays produced within my local community, and various scripts for TV episodes and commercials that have aired on local networks and streaming services.  If you are looking for a driven, talented writer to bring your story to life or help you develop the voice of your website, look no further!

What clients are saying…

Hadji Studios

If you want a project to thrive, you get Kyle involved. His collaboration on the CableLabs production “Advancing Together” (Screenwriting: Hadji Studios – Root and Branch Films)  has been nothing short of an amazing experience. The challenge of this project was to highlight a state-of-the-art broadband facility that thrives on co-innovation without making it feel corporate and boring. As the scriptwriter for this project, Kyle brought a unique ability to take complex technologies and add a layer of abstraction into a narrative that was entertaining, informative, yet simple to understand. Throughout the writing process, his communication and willingness to work with even the most difficult creative feedback speaks volumes to his professionalism and understanding of the bigger picture. Not only did the production result in a satisfied client but it also was recognized as a Viddy Awards 2023 Gold Winner. Kyle elevated this entire production and I will certainly be bringing him on the next. – DJ Bonoan, CEO Hadji Studios

Aeri Productions

Kyle has meticulously crafted an array of projects for our clients at Aeri, spanning commercials and films. Irrespective of genre or project demands, he consistently showcases adaptability and delivers. Kyle’s distinguishing factors include not only his adeptness at pivoting and strong work ethic but also his acute attention to detail, creativity, and innate ability to capture the essence of each project uniquely. What truly sets Kyle apart is his unwavering commitment to comprehensive research, going above and beyond to ensure he has a good understanding of the project and client before diving into the script makes him a valuable asset to the team. For those seeking a dependable writer, I wholeheartedly recommend Kyle. His multifaceted skill set, combined with passion positions him as a go-to professional for any writing endeavor. – Steven Quach, CEO Aeri Productions

Kelp Agency

Our company, Kelp Agency, utilized Kyle Marra for his copywriting services for over a year. He helped us write blog posts, social posts, service pages, email templates, and more. Overall, we were extremely pleased with Kyle’s work. He would consider the requirements and context of each task and create the captivating content we needed to present to each of our clients. He would get work completed within a timely manner and was quick to respond when revisions were needed. I would highly recommend Kyle for your copywriting needs! – Andrew Prouty, Kelp Agency Project Manager

Pinnacle Creative Group

Kyle is a multi-talented writer. Whatever the type of project or challenge, he is able to deliver beautifully, on time, and with a positive, eager attitude. If you need an exceptionally talented writer, you definitely want Kyle on your team. He brings talent and very much a team player attitude to every project! – Mandy Friend, VP of Pinnacle Creative Group

Writing Samples:

AAA Blog Articles

As a freelance writer for AAA, I am responsible for writing articles for AAA's blog. Topics include but are not limited to travel, motorcycle safety, out of state car buying, vacation planning, and how-to guides.

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Rule Breaker Series Scripts

When Compliance Signs approached Odd!Life Studios about creating a series of quirky videos that showcased their safety products, the director and I sat down with the Compliance creative team to develop a direction for the main character.

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Screenwriting: Hadji Studios

Early on in 2023, DJ Banoan and Steven Quach, creatives and owners of Hadji Studios and Aeri Productions respectively, were looking for a writer for a then un-named tech company out west. This company was looking for a video focused on the advancements in technology and the capabilities of their labs without emphasizing any particular person or being bold about their name.

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Screenwriting: Aeri Productions

Towards the end of November, I received a text from Director: Steven Quach asking if I was interested in writing a 90-second spot for a client. The catch: the production dates were already set in stone and they were less than one week from when the client brought Aeri on board.

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Screenwriting: Aeri Productions (LO)

Earlier this year, the Aeri Productions team was looking to produce spec content to market themselves to clients looking for creative, brand-specific ads. One of the first clients they approached was Wesley Chapel's own Lights Out Boxing.

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Copywriting E3 Family Solutions

Starting in January of 2022, Kelp Agency reached out to me regarding monthly copy work for E3 Family Solutions. This not-for-profit organization is dedicated to...

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Screenwriting: Odd!Life Studios

Client:Lief ThomasonProduction Company:Odd!Life StudiosDate:2020-2023Service:ScreenwriterLength:30s-60s Project Summary In 2020 the world stopped. A mysterious disease had spread through the nations. Businesses closed, kids were sent home from school, and everyone’s day-to-day norm was put on hold for an unknown amount of time. Just before the lockdown, Lief Thomason and his company…

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SteerMar Web & Video Copy

When SteerMar approached Pinnacle Creative Group about a new product that they were prepping for launch, Mandy, Pinnacle's Vice President, brought me in to write the copy for SteerMar's website.

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Screenwriting: Church Folks

In 2019, I was approached by Deon Gibson, of A New Vision Film, to write an episode of a faith-based mockumentary series starring Dorien Wilson and Christopher 'Play' Martin.

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Screenwriting: Root & Branch Films

In 2017 I started a production company called Root and Branch Films. Since its inception, I have served as a writer on all six short films that the company has produced.

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