Plot Summary


Unsure how to move on after losing both his job and his wife, a man decides to end it all. When the surprise arrival of a mysterious stranger puts his plan on hold, he is forced to examine what makes life worth living.

Director: Chris Lewis
Country: United States
Genre: Sci-fi, Drama


Proximity Wins Audience Choice Award – SSSF Film Festival January 9th, 2019

A note from the director...

Proximity is an intriguing character drama with subtle sci-fi overtones. We didn’t initially set out to create a film that would deal with such a hefty topic (suicide). It started with an idea - "What if a man had the…

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Composing Proximity

by Meredith Coats Writing the score for Proximity was such a whirlwind of an experience. I would say, throughout the process of composing this film, I felt almost every emotion from excitement to frustration and everything in between. In college…

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Kevan Richards as Man

Kevan Richards plays the leading role of Man in "Proximity". The writers of the short elected not to give his character a name so that audience members could identify with his struggle, as his struggle is the driving force behind…

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Kyle Marra as Proximity

Kyle Marra plays the role of Proximity in the short film of the same name. Proximity is a character who grew up feeling like his life was meaningless and that he had nothing to offer the world. Then, one fateful…

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