A note from the director…

Proximity is an intriguing character drama with subtle sci-fi overtones. We didn’t initially set out to create a film that would deal with such a hefty topic (suicide). It started with an idea – “What if a man had the power to stop people from dying so long as he remained within a certain proximity?” From there it seemed natural that he would use his gift to try and help people.

Perhaps it seemed so natural because of the man who is the true creative force behind this project, Kyle Marra. It was his mind that sparked the original idea and he worked tirelessly assembling the incredible team that would form Root and Branch Films, to take Proximity from concept to reality.

Kyle has a way of taking an impossible idea and making it seem real. It started with three of us cramped in a small room writing a screenplay that surprisingly changed very little from our first draft. From there, Kyle got to work figuring out the cast, equipment, crew and all the logistics of taking this idea from script to film. We scheduled two days on set for filming and then real work started.

Working closely with Michell Hobbs and Michael Hall on editing, working with Meredith Hobbs to create an original score, and working with Andreya Evans on color correction, our team created a short film I am proud to have had a hand in making. I believe I can safely speak for our entire team when I say it was truly a privilege to work with Kyle in making his vision come alive.

– Chris Lewis
Director of Proximity


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