Daniel Torres as Dr. Reyes

Daniel Torres plays Dr. Reyes, Allan Masterson’s doctor in “AL”. Dr. Reyes has observed Allan for several years, carefully noting any changes in behavior. It is these observations that have led him to a conclusion that will radically change Allan’s life.

Daniel is a native Floridian and has been involved in film and theatrical performances for many years. His first film role was that of an extra in “Through a Different Eye”. His most recent film, “Home of the Brave”, is now streaming on Amazon Prime.

When he isn’t in front of the camera, Daniel can be found working as part of the production team at Live Oak Theatre as part of the Lighting Design Department. He has been volunteering there for several years while his children have graced the stage in various productions. Daniel even found himself on stage acting alongside his children in Live Oak Theatre’s ReUnKnighted: A Medieval Musical Misadventure.

Catch Daniel as Dr. Reyes when “AL” concludes its festival run in 2021!


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