Eric Kessel as Eric Masterson

Eric Kessel plays Eric Masterson in “AL”. Eric Masterson is the concerned son of Allan. He has noticed that his father has been distancing himself, but is determined to stay relevant in the man’s life, despite the pain and weariness the pursuit has caused him.

Eric is a husband, father (whose two kids have a special cameo in “AL”), and entrepreneur whose background in tech support and IT has allowed him to form his own IT company, Kesseltech.

When he is not busy running his business or spending time with his family, he is often found exploring his artistic side through playing saxophone, constructing set pieces, and performing on stage. Eric’s stage roles include: Aslan in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, General Cromarty in 80 Days, and Judge Brandeis in Annie. Prior to performing as Eric in “AL”, he was seen putting his sax skills to good use as the featured saxophone player in Root and Branch Films’ “Can I Play Now?“.


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