Kaiden Rossiter as Grown-up Connor

Kaiden Rossiter plays Grown-up Connor in “Can I Play Now?”. The role was a unique challenge for Kaiden as he was tasked with playing the older version of his real-life younger brother, Micah. This task might have been a simple one had Grown-up Connor been given a single setting and set of circumstances to deal with; however, this was not the case due to the fact that young Connor’s active imagination drastically impacted the various scenarios that Grown-up Connor found himself in. This meant Kaiden had to learn to be an “action hero,” a lounge singer, and a police officer over the course of this 11 minute film. The 19 year old met the challenge head-on. . .quite literally.

Prior to appearing in “Can I Play Now?” Kaiden performed in multiple stage productions. He made his theatrical debut as Bert Healy in Live Oak Theatre’s production of Annie. This performance was the first of many. His favorite roles include the titular Joseph in Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and Sir Percival in the original stage production of ReUnKnighted: A Medieval Musical Misadventure, both of which were Live Oak Theatre Productions. Catch his film debut as Grown-up Connor in “Can I Play Now?” currently streaming on rootandbranchfilms.com.


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