Kyle Marra as Proximity

Kyle Marra plays the role of Proximity in the short film of the same name. Proximity is a character who grew up feeling like his life was meaningless and that he had nothing to offer the world. Then, one fateful day, a dire situation leads him to discover a special gift buried deep within himself. A gift that he now feels obligated to use to show others that they too have something valuable to offer the world.

Kyle began his journey in the film industry at the age of 21 years old when he started acting in indie films in the state of Florida. After spending a few years pursuing his aspirations in front of the camera, he made the transition to live theatre, where he not only acted, but also began to write and direct. At 27, he started a film company that is associated with Live Oak Theatre, where he is able to apply all of the skills he has spent years learning, and still continues to learn today.


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