Screenwriting: Aeri Productions

Mission Retrieve Package
Client:Steven Quach
Production Company:Aeri Productions
Length90 sec

Project Summary

Towards the end of November, I received a text from Director: Steven Quach asking if I was interested in writing a 90-second spot for a client. The catch: the production dates were already set in stone and they were less than one week from when the client brought Aeri on board. This meant that a script had to be written, and revised in time for the production team to secure locations and props. The initial contact came in on a Tuesday, with a scheduled client meeting the following Thursday to get a sense of what they were looking for. It was in that meeting that the client decided that they wanted to do a brand reveal for a new line of vapes created in partnership with rapper, Nicky Jams. However, they were adamant that this not be a generic brand reveal. They wanted the spot to be an action/espionage piece in the vein of Mission Impossible and James Bond with Nicky Jams featured throughout. The client offered creative freedom and provided access to the luxury vehicles and locations needed for such an endeavor. That Thursday I met with Steven at Starbucks and we workshopped an ambitious draft that he and Aeri Producer, Son, would pitch to the client. The inclusion of a yacht, jetski, luxury car, and action scenes was exactly what they were looking for. After a few minor revisions, the Aeri team departed for Miami and spent a rigorous day and a half shooting, and a week editing before Nicky dropped the first half on his Instagram to build suspense for the eventual reveal that took place on Black Friday.


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