Screenwriting: Aeri Productions (LO)

Client:Steven Quach
Production Company:Aeri Productions

Project Summary

Earlier this year, the Aeri Productions team was looking to produce spec content to market themselves to clients looking for creative, brand-specific ads. One of the first clients they approached was Wesley Chapel’s own Lights Out Boxing. I was invited to join the team for the client interview where I asked several specifics about the brand, how it got started, their mission, and what they were looking for in an ad. The most important thing for them was to emphasize that boxing was for all ages, genders, and body types, not just the super ripped. After the meeting, I went to work on a script that was initially designed to be accompanied by a voiceover, however, after the conclusion of the production, the Aeri team felt that text was the most effective way to convey Lights Out’s message. The fear was that the wrong voice might make the ad come off as too masculine. The resulting video was then shared on Lights Out’s social media to entice people to give boxing a try.


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